How to make your first date successful?

Solvik Solvik Jun 27, 2020 · 4 mins read
How to make your first date successful?
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Dating depends on how to make it. You can make it difficult or very easy. Though it is necessary for you to know the basics so that you will have a solution for every problem that arises. Moreover, if you are aware of the basics then you will not encounter any problems. Some useful tips and tricks that will make your first date successful. There are a few vital​ things that you should maintain while you are meeting someone for the very first time. Make your first date a triumph so that you can easily win over the heart of your soulmate. If you are not aware of the fundamentals then read this blog. It contains a few tips and tricks with which you can easily ensure that your first meeting will be a memorable one. 

Let’s Learn How to make your first date successful

First impression counts, hence, you should make it work in your favour. As far as the first date is concerned, men tend to be more apprehensive about the looks of the woman they are going to meet. Whereas, women see far more than just looks, in a man. Follow a few tips to maximise your chances to be successful on your first date.​ 

#1 Be Punctual & Confident

Always be punctual, a great benefit to maintain Punctuality is to achieve Self-Confidence. It also shows that you are confident in your work and believe in what you do. Being Confident gives you positive vibes from any negative impact and gives you the power to find a solution to every problem. Further, you should not turn up late and make your partner wait.​ Arriving on time is the key to kick start a Healthy Relationship. If you are getting late, constant communication with a proper state of the reason might tackle out the situation to some extend. Apologize as soon as you arrive.

#2Keep the conversation flowing​

Keep the conversation of your first fate as light as​ possible. Ensure that you don’t start any toxic topics such as politics or past relationships. Such topics may make your partner feel uncomfortable. Try not to be too serious, or talk on any serious topics. Bring in a little humour, it will make the environment enjoyable and will prevent tension from building up. You should take the initiative to start with a great topic, and your partner shouldn’t be the only one starting a topic every time.

#3 Showing Gratitude & Respect

Showing kindness and positive gratitude is always attractive and will definitely cheer up your partner. Showing some unique kindness that your partner hasn’t experienced before will always bring refreshment on your date. Behave in a grateful way and always show your partner about the positive things that your partner did for you before the meetup.

#4 Be Honest

The best thing you can offer your partner on your first date is Honesty. Honesty is a long term solution finder to every problem. Don’t show off yourself about things that money can buy. I repeat, Never. Always act simple and be grateful to your partner for planning out such a wonderful date. 

#5 Watch Your Manner

Poor manners are a big no-no. You don’t want to end up all​ alone again before the night gets through. Hence, don’t show mannerless behaviour that may offend your partner. Some of the unaccepted manners include using bad language or speaking with a mouth full of half-chewed food, might ruin your night. Manners don’t cost you anything, but they will help you in the long run. Consider showing them on yoursuccessful first date.​

#6 Complete your First date with the right follow-up

So, a spark just happened at the end, right? You felt a warmness and togetherness between you and your partner, right? But, still not sure whether you made your first date successful or not? Then don’t worry, just ask your partner about the next follow-up date. A successful first date is only as good as the follow-up, and this means arranging another meeting. You could do this right away but in the right situation. 

The bottom line for having a successful first date

Make your first date successful by not only speaking but listening too. You will not have to​ be the only one talking. Do not interrupt the person in mid-flow and speak in between. Let them complete, and then out your point forward. You should give a fair chance, and get to know them. Successful dating​ concludes when​ both the partners get to know each other and arrange the right follow-up date. There is no harm in texting the person to meet once again. Showing a kind gesture when it is time to depart, make them feel good. Use phrases like “Thank you for the lovely evening”, so that the person feels good.

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